Offshore A—Z is an endless public index of companies registered in a number of tax havens. Each company listed on Offshore A—Z is real, but its entry represents a mix of public facts and fictional factoids, generated in an attempt to both inform and speculate on the nature and role of offshore companies.

The secretive practices of offshore finance wilfully introduce gaps in public knowledge through convoluted, obfuscatory and, potentially, malicious actions. Offshore A—Z takes a similar view of the truth - that it is not so singular, static, or valuable as to need to be upheld at all times. The project gives a form to a large amount of company data, in the attempt to shed a light on the covert world of tax avoidance, triggering new connections and possible speculations.

Offshore A—Z reappropriates the default language of the early Web 2.0, a world in which the few publicly accessible visual manifestations of offshore finance dwell. Furthermore, it explores the aesthetic possibilities of the notions of ‘offshore’ and ‘haven’. The shapes freely floating on the page, as if islands of a paradisiacal archipelago, are as colourful as a caribbean summer. The hue and tones change, as if the sun rose, shone, and set on the floating nation state housing the company.

About the data

The data contained within Offshore A—Z comes from a number of sources. The public company records of each tax haven have been scraped, yielding varying amounts of information - sometimes full company details and descriptions, sometimes little more than a name - and these have been combined with data from the ICIJ’s Offshore Leaks and Panama Papers investigations, as well as Financial Secrecy Index scores from the Tax Justice Network. The resulting database has been mined for patterns and commonalities, with a number of algorithms trained to fill in the blanks. These associate images with companies and complete missing fields such as the date of registration and the company objective.


A listing on Offshore A—Z does not imply or suggest that any entity has broken the law, the nature of the data collected and the national and international frameworks around it means that it is not possible to say for certain the true aims of any of the companies listed.


Date of Registration 23rd December 1969
Company Objective THER) COURSES AND REPERSENT BY THE ENTERPRISES AND CORPORATIONS; 2. TO PERFORM ALL ACTS OF THEATRE TO BE INSTITUTIONS, INCLUDING THE POLL IN THE BROADEST SENSE OF THE WORD. B. to invest its assets in securities, such as shares and other certificates of participation and bonds, as well as in other interest-bearing debentures, however denominated and in any and all forms; b. to acquire: i. revenues, derived from the alienation or leasing of right to use copyrights, patents, designs, secret processes or formulae, trademarks and other analogous property; ii. royalties, including rentals, in respect of motions picture films or for the use of industrial, commercial or scientific equipment, as well as relating to operation of mine or quarry or of any other extraction of natural resources and other immovable properties; iii. considerations paid for technical assistance; c. to invest its assets directly or indirectly in real property and rights, to acquire, own, hire, let, lease, rent, divide, drain, reclaim, develop, improve, cultivate, build on, sell or otherwise alienate, mortgage or otherwise encumber real property and to construct infrastructural works like roads, pipes and similar works on real estate; d. to guarantee or otherwise secure, and to transfer in ownership, to mortgage, to pledge or otherwise encumber assets as security for the obligations of the money and for the obligations of third parties, with or without consideration; e. to trade which includes wholesale, intermediate trade and the futures dealings and also the import and export of raw materials, metals, minerals, organic substances, semi-finished products and finished products of whatever nature and under whatever name; f. to act as finance company and as intermediary in the realization of financing of any and all kinds of transactions; 2. The corporation may not be active in or outside of Hong kong special administrative region of the people's republic of china as a credit institution or credit association as referred to in the Bank
hong kong special administrative region of the people's republic of china
Financial Secrecy Index [more info] 72