Offshore A-Z is a digital repository of companies operating across major tax havens. Each company listed here is real, but the facts featured on the webpage consist of both company data, obtained by the Demystification Committee, and speculative images and mission statements, generated by algorithms.

This exploits the gaps in information and the inscrutability of offshore companies to guess on their possible nature and intent.

Tax havens, or secrecy jurisdictions, wilfully introduce gaps in public knowledge to occult truth about the offshore companies they house. Offshore A-Z takes a similar view of the truth: that it is not one or static as to need to be upheld at all times. This project gives a form to a large amount of tax havens' companies data to begin grasping the size of corporate offshore finance, while speculating on the intents of those invested and investing in it.

The data

The data contained within Offshore A-Z comes from a number of sources. Prior to the Panama Papers leaks, the snippets of information available on offshore companies were confined to the online registrars that tax havens keep – as an empty gesture towards transparency. The registrars of a dozen tax haven were scraped by the Demystification Committee, obtaining records on ½ million companies. Yielding varying amounts of information, and naturally full of gaps - sometimes full company details and descriptions, sometimes little more than a name - the records were combined with data from the ICIJ’s Offshore Leaks, as well as Financial Secrecy Index scores from the Tax Justice Network.

The resulting database has been mined by a neural network, or a number of algorithms trained to fill in the gaps. These associate images with each nondescript company and complete missing fields, such as registration dates or mission statements, by analysing keywords from the company's available data and using them as a trigger to generate coherent sentences and find relevant imagery.

The true and false information is autonomously built into a web template, before a Twitter bot (@offshoreAZ) announces the release of a new company.

The template

Offshore A-Z reappropriates the plain language of Web 2.0 templates used by existing registrars of companies, such templates being the only publicly accessible manifestation of offshore finance. Offshore A—Z is built on a default template which, however, slowly morphs away giving way to caribbean hues and floating forms – perhaps islands of a paradisiacal haven.

Offshore A-Z is a project by the Demystification Committee.


Date of Registration 15th February 1878
Company Objective 1. Acquiring, possessing, managing, selling, exchanging, transferring, alienating, issuing and trading in shares and other certificates of participation, bonds, funds, promissory notes, acknowledgments of debts, bills and other certificates of indebtedness and of other securities, including but not limited to shortselling of securities, buying securities on margin, pledging of securities, engaging in arbitration transactions, contracting, buying and selling of options, puts and calls, participating in the issue of securities not quoted on any stock exchange, letter stocks and negotiable securities in real estate companies, either for its own account or for the account of third parties. 2. Investing its assets directly or indirectly in immovable goods, rights, acquiring, processing, managing, renting, letting, leasing leasing out, parcelling out, reclaiming, developing, building upon/cultivating, alienating, burdening and operating immovable properties, including immovable properties destined for agricultural and stockbreeding industry, and constructing roads, dikes, rail tracks and similar works on immovable properties, all of which situated outside Cayman islands. 3. Conducting international trade outside Cayman islands and exporting and importing goods from and to countries outside Cayman islands. 4. Acquiring: a.|proceeds resulting from the alienation or the waiving of the right of using copyrights, patents, patterns, secret processes of formulae, trademarks and similar matters. b.|royalties, including rentals with regard to films or in respect of the use of industrial, commercial or scientific installations, as well as with regard to the operation of a mine or quarry or any other immovable goods; c. compensations for rendering technical aid. 5. Acquiring, mining, producing, processing and manufacturing and trading in (including import and export of) raw materials, minerals and metals, semimanufactured and finished products of any nature and under any n
cayman islands
Financial Secrecy Index [more info] 65